What Is The Specific Definition Of A Villa Lift?

    The correct definition is a home elevator. That is installed in a private residence, only for a single family members to use the elevator. It can also be installed in a building used by a non-single family as a single family to enter its residence, but the public or other occupants in the building can not enter and use.

    Private housing elevator choice, the structure of private housing determines the choice of home elevator or villa elevator should be used without machine room elevator structure, which maximize the savings in construction costs and architectural space, taking into account the appearance and aesthetics of the house.

    Hydraulic drive, traction drive, hydraulic villa elevator is a traditional home elevator design, in North America and Europe have a lot of use. But because of oil spill pollution environment, running too much noise and waste a lot of electricity and other factors, not in line with the modern elevator industry, the concept of environmental protection and energy conservation, such as passenger hydraulic elevator, and people are being phased out, nearly a decade in the world Within the scope of its sales in the sharp drop, the proportion of not more than 10%, and the vast majority of cargo ladder or large tonnage of the special elevator, a small part of the home for the home elevator design. And no room villa elevator because of environmental protection and energy saving and save the building space, is being used by a large number of people, such as passenger elevators, according to "World Elevator" magazine reported that in 2010 no machine room elevator will account for 80% of global elevator sales.Villa Lift

    Elevator door open, hand sliding door structure similar to our home commonly used door, but more than the door lock linkage device and relatively heavy, while the door car door car door protection design, the objective existence of security risks;

Automatic doors and public passenger elevators, there are car doors and hall door double protection, the difference is that more than 95% of the villa elevator choose to open the door automatically. Because the side of the automatic doors can save the maximum size of the building area and the use of the width of the well as much as possible, while the convenience of the disabled and the elderly to use, fully reflect its profitability.Villa Lift

    PLC control or microcomputer control, PLC control is the English "Programmable Logic Controllers" shorthand, that is, programmable logic controller, mainly for the early industrial areas, but also the main control of the elevator. In the eighties of last century when the microcomputer control system appears, PLC control in the elevator field only simple cargo ladders are also used in large quantities, but in the field of passenger elevator basic microcomputer control system is completely eliminated, therefore, the choice of precision microcomputer control system is correct s Choice.Villa Lift