Villa Lift Technology Application

In the elevator technology, the driving system is a typical motion control system, which controls the elevator start, acceleration, steady speed operation and deceleration and other movement, the performance of the drive system directly affects the elevator leveling accuracy, vibration, noise and other ride comfort The At present in the old elevator drive system, almost the exchange of induction motor dominate the world, the drive is mainly: AC two-speed drive system three-phase AC induction motor stator with two different pole pairs of winding, open-loop control, Simple lines, large energy consumption, ride comfort is poor.Villa Lift The use of multi-pole low-speed direct drive of the permanent magnet synchronous traction machine, without the need for a large mechanical transmission efficiency of only about 70% of the worm, worm gearbox; compared with the induction motor, no need to draw reactive current from the grid, High vibration; the use of magnetic field orientation vector control control, and DC motor with the same excellent torque control characteristics, from the brake current significantly Lower than the induction motor, the required motor power and inverter capacity are reduced.Villa Lift

In order to achieve high efficiency and energy saving, in order to obtain excellent control performance, the elevator host - permanent magnet synchronous traction machine optimization design is necessary. The research focuses on the rotor magnetic circuit structure, the magnetic field distribution adjustment, the low speed torque fluctuation suppression, the fractional groove winding and the optimal combination of the tank and the influence of the saturation on the magnetic field.Villa Lift With the increase of elevator load and ladder speed, the output power and output torque of permanent magnet synchronous traction machine also need to increase, need to pay attention to heat and other issues. Outer rotor structure to produce loss of the stator in the inside, the heat dissipation through the fixed, inter rotor air gap and rotor yoke and the air gap between the base. In some thin structures with short axial length, the two air gap conduction heat resistance is large, causing heat.Villa Lift