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    Countermeasures and suggestions on speeding up the development of elevator liability insurance: legislation first. The main responsibility of elevator safety is to strengthen the safety management of elevator and to improve the guarantee of insurance. It is suggested to adopt local legislation to the elevator production enterprises, property rights units, property management units, maintenance units, inspection organizations, users to formulate more clear norms, clear the responsibilities of all parties, to refine the elevator safety management responsibility, standardize the elevator liability insurance requirements, in order to strengthen the elevator safety management, promote elevator liability insurance, the establishment of a comprehensive security risk control system to provide legal support and protection.Villa Lift
    Increase the Government's guidance efforts. It is suggested that the Quality Supervision Bureau, the OCI and the relevant government departments should jointly make a joint paper to guide the elevator liability insurance, clarify the rights and obligations of the elevator insurance parties, standardize the minimum security standards, encourage the support policy, put forward the promotion plan, determine the scope of the pilot and clear the Fund guarantee. It is suggested that the support insurance institutions should be encouraged to participate in the old elevator renovation, elevator emergency rescue, maintenance service and so on. Encourage the first safety person to insure the elevator liability insurance, the insured elevator can extend the inspection cycle, encourage the county government to the shopping malls, hospitals, rail traffic and other personnel crowded places, the implementation of elevator liability insurance coverage; encourage organs, institutions, state-owned enterprises to take the lead in insuring liability insurance, to make an example to the whole society To meet the needs of elevator operation risk monitoring, reduce the cost of monitoring and management, to the current public liability insurance, property liability insurance coverage of other types of elevator liability, should require its scope of protection and security limit to meet the minimum standards.Villa Lift
   Try to insure the source. Although most foreign countries adopt the way of insuring their own liability, the prerequisite is that the legal system is sound and the responsibilities are clear. Due to the lack of legislation on the elevator related responsibilities clearly divided, so the current stage of "one party insurance, the benefit of all parties" model more feasible, but also more in line with China's national conditions. It is suggested to adopt the "one party insurance" from the source, and all the responsibility risks of the elevators are included in the scope of protection and realize "benefit to all". By the manufacturer in the elevator factory on the elevator liability insurance, on the one hand to ensure that all risks from the source coverage, to avoid coverage due to insurance liability, accidents can not be compensated. On the other hand, due to the relatively concentrated number of elevator manufacturers, insurance is easier to promote and cover, can effectively reduce the cost of underwriting, not only improve the enthusiasm of the insurance company, but also reduce the insurance unit premium burden. Of course, this way is not the manufacturing unit to pay for other security responsibility, but can be added to the insurance premiums in the product pricing, transfer to the real security responsibility, but the product quality responsibility part of the premiums should be borne by the manufacturer.Villa Lift