Two Or Three Domestic Lines Market Competition Will Be More Intense

As these small businesses in two or three lines and even smaller cities of many years of hard work, they have took part in the local market and have accumulated a certain amount of competitiveness. When major brand elevator company started waving flags to kill these little cities, you can imagine, these new battlefields, competition between elevator companies can better balance on the market competition will become more intense and brutal. It would also be relatively weaker elevator companies good time to rise. Guangdong elevator purchase surge two or three cities, not just special case of May, also is not a characteristic of the Government procurement market. Experts in the industry, currently in first-tier cities facilities are relatively complete, lift demand growth is slowing, more lift purchase items concentrated in the old elevator update, upgrade and transformation, not many truly massive elevator procurement projects. The next few years, many two or three cities are in a period of rapid development speed up the process of urbanization, the city is busy building supporting facilities, Elevator market has great potential.

Many big brand passenger elevator companies recognize the market potential of two or three even smaller cities, began to shift more attention from a city step by step down. But different from these big companies, because of the elevator industry in China started relatively late, the traditional mainstream market has been dominated by foreign brands elevator, comprehensive strength of some relatively smaller elevator companies to avoid the cutting edge, in the initial stage will compete with big brands market focused on two or three lines of the city. In some provinces, as, choose one or two basis points, integrating agent resources, win credibility and reputation on the installation, maintenance, and gradually expanding, surely the creation of regional brands, with a view to the adoption of "countryside surrounding cities" strategy to achieve a final victory.