Tonl Goods Elevator

                Tonl Freight elevator application of Advanced micro-computer control technology, through technology integration, greatly improve the performance and quality of the freight elevator, greatly reducing the incidence of failure, because of its use of alternating two-speed electric traction technology, so that the elevator structure is simpler, maintenance more convenient.Goods Elevator

                Rate Series freight elevator optimized design of the car spacious and bright, economical and practical, so that the transport of goods convenient and fast, safe and reliable, smooth operation, heavy load, such as good character. In factories, warehouses, shopping malls, shopping malls, libraries and other different uses and environments, can meet the needs of customers, is the best freight tools.Goods Elevator

                Variable frequency asynchronous traction host, safe and energy-saving, high efficiency, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation, good lubrication performance, excellent performance, and greatly satisfied the user's elevator products stable, energy-saving, stable operation of high requirements. Through the use of modular computer control technology, integrated with serial communication network, ring-type communication network, self-diagnosis system, intelligent Collection, group control system, etc. as a whole to improve the system's operational efficiency and reliability, while facilitating the upgrading of the elevator in the future.Goods Elevator

                Qualcomm-rate brand hydraulic lift more attention to the weight of the experience, more stable travel up and down, more quiet environment, more intelligent Control Panel, more environmentally friendly car lighting, so that the elevator to please people. Tonlöcher Hydraulic Freight Elevator manufacturing process has set up a set of Soildworks 3D model to ensure that the production of every a links accurately in place. Tonlöcher no machine room hydraulic elevator has been widely used in residential areas, business buildings, hotels, shopping malls, airports, stations and other public places. Users choose the rate, we strive to create the Times boutique.Goods Elevator