Tianjin Started The Elevator Safety Campaign

Recently, the reporter learned from the Tianjin market regulatory board, Elevator Safety battle is being systematically implemented in Tianjin.

The Board introduced specifically programme requirements, consolidation 2015 elevator Assembly war of results, continues to do big battle built document problem elevator follow-up regulatory and service work, strive to full completed built document problem elevator hidden regulation work, elimination accident hidden and risk; to elevator emergency disposal service platform construction for point, using big data, and real networking, technology means, construction elevator integrated information service platform; full advance legal, and system, and mechanism of perfect and innovation, building elevator security work long-term mechanism. Extension 2015 elevator battle command mode, chaired by the Tianjin market regulatory authority in charge of the leadership, the relevant departments and units. Set up an Office in the Office of the Commissioner, the specific organization responsible for elevator safety battle in the city. Districts and markets authority continue to battle of elevator safety monitor mode, setting up corresponding organizations, in accordance with the unified plan, coordinate and complete the work.

Plan calls for market supervision departments at all levels fully understand the safety work of complex, difficult and long-term, System summarizes the elevator Assembly, war, good experience, in-depth analysis of the source of the problem, research strategies, improved approaches to ongoing safety campaign. Continue to lift siege work, unrelenting and continue according to the actual area, programming, implementing agencies, the implementation of personnel, implementation requirements, focusing on the "long-standing" make a breakthrough on the issue, focus on building up the business aspects and strive to build a long-term mechanism of safe work, special equipment such as elevators "lasting peace and stability."