Three Types Of Villa Lift

            A home lift is an elevator that is installed in a private home and used only by a single family member. It can also be installed in a building that is not used by a single household, as a single household tool for entering its home, but the public or other occupants of the building cannot access and use it. The rated speed of the household elevator is not more than 0.4m S, for no sedan door of the domestic elevator rated speed of not more than 0.3m S, the car travel no more than 12m, the rated load weight is not greater than 400KG. There are three main types of domestic elevators: Hydraulic, screw-type, drag-and-draw.Villa Lift

           Hydraulic elevators rely on hydraulic elevators. Hydraulic elevator is through the hydraulic power source, the oil pressure into the cylinder to make the plunger as a straight line movement, directly or through the wire rope indirectly to make the car moving elevator. Hydraulic elevators are machines, electricity, electronics, hydraulic integration of products, by the following relatively independent but interrelated systems. Pump station system, hydraulic system, guidance system, car, door system, electrical control system, security system.Villa Lift

           Screw elevator adopts motor as power source, the motor is connected with the nut through the belt, and the nut tooth pattern is meshed with the screw tooth pattern, when the motor is working, the driving nut is moving on the screw, which drives the car to move up and down. High security because in fact there has been something to withstand, even if the loss of power, free fall, screw also to drive the motor to do a larger negative work, the decline will be very slow, so the elevator will not fall, and as long as the lock screw can prevent free-fall fall.Villa Lift

            The household traction ladder is divided into the traditional towing wire rope ladder and the new traction steel belt ladder. The traction machine is located at the top of the well road, and the towing wire rope/steel belt is connected with the car and the counterweight device through the towing wheel. The guide wheel is arranged on the traction machine to make the car and the normal operation in the well road without colliding. The motor rotates and drives the traction wheel, driving the steel rope/steel belt to drive the car and the relative operation of the heavy.Villa Lift