The Standard Of Goods Elevator

    The elevator is designed primarily for the delivery of goods and is usually accompanied by an elevator. The ladle lifts have long and narrow features. A motor-driven vertical lift with a box-like pod. Serving the floor of the fixed lifting equipment. It has a car, running between at least two vertical columns of rigid rails.

    Elevator industry is a special industry, the state of the elevator design, manufacture, installation and use of a detailed national standards. The main part of the elevator is made of civil, mechanical and electrical components, mechanical parts of the rails, cars, counterweight, wire rope and other mechanical parts. The electrical part has the main control board, the frequency changer, the traction machine and so on part constitution.Goods Elevator

    The elevator runs on the main control board of the command to control the frequency converter, and the drive drives the traction machine to drive the car to run. As the core components of the system in the elevator, the safe and reliable operation of the elevator is very important. At the same time the system also has some special requirements on the inverter. Many companies for the special requirements of the elevator, launched a special inverter to meet the special requirements of the elevator. The Siemens universal multi-function inverter with a modern level of advanced technology of the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) as a power output device, has a high operational reliability and functional diversity, the use of pulse frequency optional dedicated pulse Wide modulation technology, the traction machine can run under low noise, the system more stable.Goods Elevator

    Comprehensive and comprehensive protection for the system to provide a reliable and good protection performance, high-performance vector control technology, a variety of flexible control options for different areas. In the elevator control system, the use of closed-loop vector control. With fast dynamic response characteristics and superior overload capacity. Numerous free function modules form a large amount of resources for use by BICO (binary interconnect), thus completing complex and diverse controls. It is the MM440 powerful and flexible function can be qualified for elevator control system requirements. Through the MM440 drive asynchronous traction machine composed of the elevator system fully meet the national standard GB7588-2003 "elevator manufacturing and installation specifications" GB / T10058-1997 "elevator technical conditions" requirements.Goods Elevator