The Goods Elevator Uses The Management Stipulation

1, the sundry goods elevator is the cargo hoisting equipment, strictly forbids to take the person. 

2, the goods elevator is strictly prohibited to operate, the weight of the goods should be ≤ the amount of load on the lift panel. 3, the Hall door safety switch is strictly prohibited. Check whether the doors are closed before using the elevator, do not open the door or open the door in the elevator operation. 

4, the daily operation of thegoods elevator should be checked to ensure no odor and abnormal sound. 

5, when placing items, should take care of lightly, avoid hitting the car or any part of the hall door. and ensure that the item is put in the right, not skew, to prevent the run down. 

6, put the goods in the middle of the car, please place, (from the car edge ≥ 5CM) in order to prevent the car. 

7. When working, the goods elevator is strictly forbidden to wipe, lubricate or repair the mechanical parts. 

8, the switch each layer of door is to light off, to prevent the door rope out of the groove or smashed the door safety switch. 

9. After taking out the goods, the door of the floor should be closed conveniently to ensure the normal use of other stations. 

10, keep the sundries goods elevator shaft, Hall door, door chute, button clean, the bottom pit shall not have water. 

11, when the goods elevator work finished, the elevator should be stopped back to the base station (or the lower station) to cut off power. 

12, in case of emergency or failure, should immediately stop the use of maintenance personnel and timely repair.