The Development Of Goods Elevator Industry

     As a vertical conveyance in a building, elevators carry guests and goods safely and comfortably for human service. However, in order to prolong its service life and ensure its safety and operation Quality, the elevator will be put into use after a series of maintenance, repair and renovation services. Some elevators to the company claim that the elevators they manufacture will be in the same building. We think that to achieve this goal, we should not be inseparable from the subsequent maintenance, repair and renovation services.Goods Elevator

    As the definition of transformation says, "for some reason, a series of operations on elevators and their parts are not carried out without cause, there is a certain necessity, these and in the use of elevators for a long time, components aging, technology backward, function does not meet the needs and so on factors closely related. The following only in the use of elevators should be in line with elevator safety standards, the adoption of new technologies, new materials and to meet the use of 3 functions to talk about the need for the use of elevators.Goods Elevator

    Elevator manufacturing enterprises in a certain historical period in accordance with the current state or industry standards for the installation of elevators to provide social use, this should be the case. However, at present, if the existing elevator safety standards to check, the first stage or second stage of the installation of the use of elevators, and these in the use of elevators have not been modified, then it is clear that these elevators exist in many do not meet the existing elevator safety standards.Goods Elevator

    Defective lift parts. The door lock does not meet the requirements; the speed limiter has no electrical safety switch; 1. The 00M/S safety clamp is equipped with instantaneous safety clamp, the heavy side buffer configuration does not conform to the requirement, the heavy rail adopts the angle steel, the passive gate driven by belt and chain has no safety switch; the floor door is short of the triangular key; The safety contact does not meet the requirements and so on.Goods Elevator