The Development Course Of Passenger Elevator System

     The development process of elevator control system, the mature application of elevator control drive technology integration, not only represents the development direction of elevator control system, but also changes the industry pattern of elevator control in the future. Elevator integration control system mainly by the main controller, car roof Control Board, instruction distribution Board, Layer station Communication display board (car inside and outside general) and so on.Passenger Elevator

     The main controller receives and handles the flat layer, the deceleration and other information and other external signals, the output control operation contactor, the lock contactor. The use of can communication between the car roof Control Panel and the main controller is a transit station which includes the light curtain, the super loaded cabin input signal and the gate machine control output signal. The RS485 communication protocol is used between the call and display of the layer station and the main controller.Passenger Elevator

     The project needs to be reformed for three groups of elevators, 1150Kg, Speed 2./. The original elevator for the late 1990-year installation of frequency conversion speed passenger elevator, because the electrical system spare parts can not supply, elevator daily use is affected. Through the actual situation and the original elevator related drawing data analysis, combined with the actual situation in the field, the final determination of the following program. The signal line of the interface between the control board and the inverter is omitted, and the fault point is reduced. The information exchange between the control board and the inverter is no longer limited to a few lines, so that a lot of information can be exchanged in real time.Passenger Elevator

     Based on a large number of information chip-level exchange, integration can more accurately judge the situation of the elevator, rapid adjustment. And the elevator fault judgment more accurate, the processing is more flexible. At the request of customers, existing projects to replace energy-saving and environmental protection of permanent magnet synchronous host. We recommend to customers a well-known domestic brands of traction machine and customer recognition. At the same time, due to the change of traction machine, with the traction wire rope, car roof back rope wheel, the return rope wheel also replaced or reprocessing.Passenger Elevator