The Design Of The Cargo Goods Elevator Again

If the elevator shaft high sensor PS5 and elevator shaft low sensor PS6 in the lifting motor running when the malfunction occurred. Or due to the aging of the photoelectric sensor, the output lag or due to the PLC input response lag and other topics will cause the elevator car basket to stop the location of the accumulation of deviation. That is, the basket in the elevator running for some time after its stop position will be higher or lower or lower, and even may occur in the elevator car rush or hit the end of the accident occurred. In order to solve this problem should be added to the program high-speed pulse count, the use of counters to correctly determine the elevator car stop bit.Goods Elevator

In the program you can select a bi-phase counter with increasing or down counting pulses, or you can select a single-phase counter with internal orientation or external direction control. Rotary encoders can be incremental encoders or countercass encoders, which are flexible, and the specific encoder selection should be combined with the program's high-speed counter, operating mode and system control word.Goods Elevator

In the program by calling the interrupt number of 12 interrupt subroutine to lift the motor to stop forward or reverse, in order to achieve the purpose of accurate leveling the car. In the high-speed counter and rotary encoder selection and configuration can be flexible to grasp the number of external input points in the case of tension, you can use high-speed counter internal direction control to complete the increase and decrease count. You can not increase or decrease the count, directly in the program step by step when the reset high-speed counter to complete.Goods Elevator Elevator as a vertical means of transport within the building, safe and comfortable to carry guests and cargo, for human services. However, in order to extend its service life, to ensure its safety and quality of operation, people will put the elevator into use after a series of such as maintenance, repair and transformation services. Elevator manufacturing enterprises in a certain historical period in accordance with the current national or industry standard manufacturing and installation of the elevator to provide for the use of society, it should be justified. However, if the current elevator safety standards to take the current inspection, the first stage or second stage of the installation of the use of the elevator, and these in the elevator has not been modified, it is clear that these can be used in the elevator there is a lot of non-compliance Current elevator safety standards.Goods Elevator