The Choice Of Villa Lift

     Choose what structure of the home elevator or villa elevator: The structure of the private housing determines the choice of home lift or villa elevator should be used without room elevator structure, so as to maximize the savings in construction costs and building space, while taking care of the appearance and beauty of the house.Villa Lift

     The hydraulic villa elevator belongs to the traditional home elevator design, which has a lot of use in North America and Europe. But because the oil spill pollutes the environment, operating noise is too large and waste a lot of power and other factors, do not meet the modern elevator industry's environmental protection and energy-saving development concept, such as passenger hydraulic elevators, and people are being phased out, in the past more than 10 years in the global sales of its rapid decline in the proportion of less than 3%, And most of the freight elevator or large tonnage of special elevators, and no room Villa elevator because of environmental protection energy saving and save building space, is being widely used, such as passenger elevators, according to the "World Elevator" magazine reported that in 2010 years without engine room elevator will account for the global elevator sales of 60%.Villa Lift

     Villa Elevator hydraulic home elevator or villa elevator hand Door scheme: structure: Machine room, shaft and ground pit, car, layer station part; main components: Hydraulic pump, control cabinet, car, guide system; Advantages: simple structure, traditional domestic elevator driving mode; Disadvantages: There is room, oil pollution, noise, occupation of housing area. No room traction type Home (villa) elevator automatic Door scheme: structure: shaft and ground pits, car, layer station; main components: control system, Traction machine, door system, heavy system, safety parts, guidance system, car.Villa Lift

     Advantages: No room design to maximize the use of building space, simple structure, the highest level of security design; disadvantage: Still need 300mm bottom pit design. The structure of the sliding door is similar to the doors used in our home, but it is more of the lock linkage device and the more heavy, at the same time, there is no car door protection design, there is an objective safety hidden danger; automatic door is similar to public passenger elevator, there is double protection of car door and hall door, the difference is, more than 95% villas elevator choose side open type automatic door. It is because the side open automatic door can save the construction area and make the best use of the width of the well path, and also can facilitate the use of the disabled and the elderly, fully embody its benefits.Villa Lift