The Application Of Passenger Elevator In The Development Of Modern Technology

In the rapid development of modern cities, a high-rise building is springing up. Elevators are vertical transport equipment that transports passengers or cargo up and down the building. The development of China's elevator industry, from the reform and opening up to today, the elevator industry in imperceptible through a from scratch, from there to many, from many to fine development process. With the great changes in the housing market, China has become the world's largest and fastest-growing elevator market. At present, the number of elevators in China has exceeded 1 million units, and maintain the annual rate of 20% increase, the market prospects are optimistic. These elevators serve in various places such as writing rooms, apartments, shopping malls and so on.

From the point of view of reducing environmental pollution, "green" new concept will become the mainstream hue of the 21st century, a global green market for enterprises who first introduced green products, Rob Development provides a broad space, accounting for the green marketing market, who can master the initiative of competition.

The green concept is the general trend of elevator development. The main development trends are as follows: Continuous improvement of product design, production of environmentally friendly low energy consumption, low noise, no oil leakage, no leakage, no electromagnetic interference, no well track guide rail grease pollution of the elevator. Elevator traction using nylon synthetic fiber traction rope, steel belt, such as no lubricating oil pollution drag method. Elevator decoration will be used without (less) environmental pollution materials, elevator no-load rise and full load downlink motor regeneration Generation recovery technology, installation of elevators will not need to install scaffolding, elevator parts in the production and use of the environment has no impact (such as brake skin must not use asbestos) and materials can be recycled.

Measures to reduce energy consumption in elevators are manifold. Mainly includes: choose to reduce the inertia of the elevator mechanical system and friction resistance, rational use of weight and balance. Drive system using permanent magnet synchronous brushless traction machine from the work principle of permanent magnet synchronous motor that the excitation is realized by permanent magnet, do not need to provide the stator additional excitation current and thus the power factor of the motor can be achieved very high.