System And System Establishment Of Passenger Elevator

To the disposal of the elevator emergency. The elevator is out of control for some reason or is out of overdrive. Although the pressing Stop button is also unable to brake, the driver and passengers should keep calm, do not blindly open the car, should rely on a variety of safety devices automatically occurred to the car to stop; When the elevator is in the process of stopping, the person in the car should first use the alarm bell,Passenger Elevator 

Telephone and so on to notify the maintenance personnel, by the maintenance personnel in the computer room to try to move the car to the nearby floor door, and then by the full-time staff to open the door, so that the staff evacuated the car, if the car because of exceeding the trip or suddenly stopped, and must be in the engine room with the manpower-driven flywheel to rotate the traction machine, The power switch of the motor must be disconnected and the brake should be open when rotating the traction machine.Passenger Elevator

The installation and Maintenance unit must apply to the local provincial government administration department for accreditation, and receive the accreditation certificate; The use unit must apply for obtaining the elevator inspection certificate issued by the provincial government competent department; the operator must pass the professional training examination qualified, holds the post operation Qualifications Certificate and the safety technical condition inspection of the elevator equipment must be inspected by the authorized units in accordance with the regulations, and the periodic supervision and inspection cycle of the elevator safety is 1 years.Passenger Elevator

Establish a management system. In order to ensure the safe use of elevators, normal operation, the unit with elevator must establish the necessary management system: Elevator driver and elevator maintenance personnel training system, elevator on duty record system, elevator inspection, maintenance and maintenance system, all positions operating procedures, emergency rescue plans.Passenger Elevator

Remote Management system. Elevator with the development of science and technology to high-performance, high functionality, at the same time in order to enable users to ease the use of security, trust is more important, that is, in the event of power outages or failures, in order to provide timely and effective service measures. Elevator remote Management monitoring system, as long as the use of telephone lines can be year-round, all-weather monitoring, and early warning of abnormal symptoms, and automatic feedback detection of computer data, maintenance, to ensure that elevator safety 0 fault.Passenger Elevator