System And Classification Speed Of Passenger Elevator

     A vertical lift powered by an electric motor is fitted with a box-shaped pod for use in multi-storey buildings. Fixed lifting equipment for service on specified floors. It has a car that runs between the rigid rails with at least two columns perpendicular to it. The size and structure of the car is convenient for passengers to enter or unload goods. No matter how it is used, the elevator is the general name of the vertical transportation tool in the building.Passenger Elevator
     Door system, the main function of door system is to seal the entrance of the layer station and the entrance of the car. Door system by car door, layer door, door machine, door lock device. Weight balance System: The main function of the system is to balance the weight of the car, in the elevator work can make the car and the weight difference between the heavy to keep within the limit, to ensure that the elevator traction drive normal. The system is mainly composed of the weight compensation device. Power Drive system, power drag system function is to provide power, the implementation of elevator speed control. Electric drive system consists of traction motor, power supply, speed feedback device, motor speed control device, etc. Electrical control system, the main function of electrical control system is to operate and control the elevator. The electrical control system mainly consists of a control device, a position display device, a controlling panel (cabinet), a flat layer device, a selector layer, etc. Safety protection system to ensure safe use of elevators and prevent all accidents endangering personal safety. It consists of a speed limiter, a safety clamp, a buffer, and an end station protection device. High-efficiency vector VVVF inverter system, the passenger elevator using vector-controlled digital closed-loop VVVF inverter, according to the actual load of the car, the upper and lower speed, through the current size and phase adjustment, real-time accurate control of the host torque, to ensure the smooth operation of the elevator.Passenger Elevator
    Classification by speed: Elevator without strict speed classification, China is customary to classify according to the following methods. Low speed ladder: Often refers to the elevator below 1.00m S speed. Medium speed Ladder: Usually refers to the elevator in 1.00 2 00m S. High speed ladder: usually refers to the elevator with speed greater than 7m S. China has become a veritable elevator production and sales of the first big country, the world's major elevator well-known enterprises have set up a wholly-owned or joint ventures in China. From the industrial layout, the domestic elevator industry aggregation effect is obvious, the elevator machine and parts manufacturing base mainly concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, at present, in addition to a few high-end elevators, the rest of the elevator parts have been basically realized domestically. With the sustained development of national economy, China's elevator production and sales to maintain a high rate of growth. According to the China Elevator Association statistics, China's elevator (excluding escalator) production from 2003 to 72,000 units to 2012 of 472,000, the annual compound growth rate of up to 23.31%. At present, although China has become the world's most important production base and consumer market, but the popularity of elevators in China and Europe and the United States have a great gap. According to China Merchants Securities Research Institute data show that at the end of 2011, the number of elevators per capita in our country is about 700 people/Taiwan, close to the world average level, but still far below the developed countries 100-200 people/Taiwan level.Passenger Elevator