System And Application Of Goods Elevator

    Cargo elevators are designed primarily for the carriage of goods, usually accompanied by elevators. The freight elevator car has long and narrow characteristics. A vertical lift powered by an electric motor is fitted with a box-shaped pod. Fixed lifting equipment for service on specified floors. It has a car that runs between the rigid rails with at least two columns perpendicular to it.Goods Elevator
    Elevator industry is a special industry, the state of the elevator design, manufacture, installation and use of a detailed national standards. The main part of the elevator is civil, mechanical and electrical components, mechanical part of the guide rail, car, to heavy, wire rope and other mechanical parts. Electrical part of the main control board, inverter, Traction machine and other components. Elevator operation in the main control Board of the Command control inverter, there are inverter-driven traction machine to drive the car. According to the elevator speed, traction ratio and the load of the elevator to determine the speed and power of the traction machine, when the power and voltage of the tractor is determined, the inverter selection and the tractor to match, generally select more than the traction power of the previous grade of data to choose. Can not be small or too big, too big not only to increase costs, but also lead to lower control accuracy. Degrade the performance of the entire system.Goods Elevator
    Maintenance and Maintenance: 1, the newly installed elevator first elevator factory quality guarantee period (general 1--2 years). 2, the daily maintenance of the elevator should be carried out by the professional team (State administration of Quality supervision issued). 3, maintenance should be carried out "special equipment Safety Supervision regulations" "elevator supervision and Inspection Code" "Elevator Maintenance Rules" (GB18775), as well as the relevant national standards, line standard and local criteria. 4, maintenance should be scheduled, scheduled person on schedule, half a month warranty, monthly maintenance, and maintenance, all kinds of different content, but must be done, and must have a detailed record and the signature of both parties recognized. 5. If the elevator fails, the maintenance unit must arrive at the scene within the stipulated time (the specific time rules are different and the Beijing regulations are within 30 minutes to arrive).Goods Elevator