Support Frame Of Goods Elevator

                 The support frame of a freight elevator belongs to the technical field of elevator. It solves the existing technology of six rail car racks are two main Liliang and four pairs of auxiliary beams of the structure, the shortcomings of this structure is very wasteful material, installation trouble and other technical problems. The supporting frame of the cargo elevator includes Liliang, guideway and top frame, and the number of beams is two, the top frame is box-shaped and the sides of the top frame are connected respectively to the corresponding vertical beam, the number of rails is four, four guides are located at the four corners of the top frame, the top frame is connected to the guide rail and the top frame can be translated along the guideway. The utility model has the advantages of low production cost and convenient installation.Goods Elevator

               A freight elevator comprises an external top base and a bottom base, a three-level guide tube is arranged between the top base and the bottom base, and a bearing box beam is arranged in the middle, and the upper end is provided with a lifting bearing beam, between the car bottom plate and the lifting bearing beam through the pressure bar connection, the bottom of the pressure bar is fixed on the pressure bar base, the lifting and loading beam is connected with the guiding wheel structure arranged in the upper part, and the bottom base is extended to both ends and the photoelectric sensor is arranged in the extension section.Goods Elevator

               The freight elevator provided by the utility model senses the height and width of the cargo by the photoelectric sensor which is arranged at the end of the bottom base of the terminal, thus realizes the elevator transportation of the goods, prevents the leakage of the goods and avoids the danger of collision.Goods Elevator