Small Room Passenger Elevator

              Small room passenger elevator: In order to save the building space, expand the building more space utilization, make the operation more sensitive and reliable, make the building more elegant and beautiful, the Dili small room passenger elevator, the use of compact-intensive permanent magnet synchronous brushless traction machine and the special design of the control cabinet, so that the room area to reach and well Road area.Passenger Elevator

              Convenient installation to improve efficiency: small room passenger elevator technology to help you improve engineering efficiency, speed up construction. The use of the Dili small room passenger elevator can ensure the smooth operation of the construction works, not because of the elevator installation and the progress of the project have any impact. At the same time when the need to update the construction, Dili small room passenger elevator host can easily move out from the room, convenient replacement, while the traditional host is fixed in the computer room.

              Greatly saves the space: the compact permanent-magnet synchronous gear-less host can leave more space for the room. When installing from the top hoisting equipment of the building, the crane facilities needed by this lightweight host are much smaller than the traditional machine room equipment. It can even be hoisted directly from the well path.Passenger Elevator

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