Safety Performance Of Goods Elevator

     What is the function of elevator safety parts? The role of the elevator safety components is to protect the elevator equipment and the passengers inside the car when the elevator is speeding or the car accidentally falls. What are the commonly mentioned elevator safety components? Generally speaking, elevator safety components include a speed limiter device (governor), a safety clamp (Safety) and a buffer (buffer). What is the function of the speed limiter in the elevator system?Goods Elevator

      Speed limiter is a speeding detection device, generally installed in the elevator room or the top of the elevator shaft, but also in the case of bottom pits. When the elevator speeds up to the set speed of the electrical action, it will pass the electrical switch off the elevator safety loop, and then cut off the system power. If the lift is still speeding due to gravity or inertia, the mechanical action device of the speed limiter will be triggered to stop the movement of the speed limit wire rope, thus lifting the safety clamp.Goods Elevator

     What is the function of the safety clamp? The safety clamp is a braking device mounted on the bottom of the elevator car or elevator to the heavy device. It includes two parts, the lifting mechanism and the braking mechanism. The function of the lifting mechanism is to transfer the mechanical action of the speed limiter to the braking mechanism and make the braking mechanism move, and the wedge-shaped block inside the brake mechanism will be stuck on the guide rails to prevent the elevator from falling further. What is the role of the buffer? The buffer is mounted in the bottom pit of the elevator shaft. Its role is to prevent the bottom of the elevator pier. When the bottom of the elevator pier, it can reduce the impact, to reduce the elevator itself and the passengers in the elevator injury.Goods Elevator

     What is the type and working principle of the commonly used speed limiter? At present, there are two main types of speed limiter commonly used in the market: centrifugal type and resonant type. Centrifugal type is through the relationship between centrifugal force and rotational speed of the design, when the elevator running speed to the pre-set speed, the centrifugal hammer on the rope wheel will be enough to trigger the position of the speed limiter, so as to achieve speed control. Goods Elevator

     The resonant speed limiter is designed by using the principle of maximum amplitude during resonance, and when the speed limiter pulley rotates to the natural frequency of the vibrating block, resonance occurs, so that the speed limiter moves to realize velocity monitoring.Goods Elevator