Problems In Verifying The Quality Of Goods Elevator Installation

               Elevator race and Shan Bottom is one of the elevator malfunction, although it is not common, but once happened, in order to ensure that the motor can stop in time, GB 7588-1995 "Elevator manufacturing and installation safety standards", the elevator should set the limit switch. Because of its installation location is not clearly defined, the formation of different manufacturers of products have different design and installation requirements. The current GB 10060-93 Acceptance specification 4th. 6.5 The upper and lower limit action test stipulates: The limit position protection switch located at both ends of the well path shall be in the car or in front of the heavy contact bumper, and keep its action state during the buffer is compressed. This emphasis is placed on the front of the contact buffer, which is designed to require the motor to be cut off before the buffer is compressed, and the lock is closed to ensure that the car stops. 4th. 5.1 also stipulates: Sedan at both ends of the station flat floor position, the car, the heavy device of the collision between the top of the buffer and the distance (here with S1, S2 expression), energy-dissipation type buffer should be 150~400mm, storage-type buffer should be 200~350mm.Goods Elevator

              As for this inspection project alone, the site installation phase to meet the requirements should be very easy. However, due to the constant elongation of the traction rope, the S2 is decreasing continuously. When the S2 is reduced to a certain extent, and the installation position of the upper limit switch is not reasonable enough, the situation of 4.6.5 requirements must not be met. caused by the heavy pressure buffer (refers to the energy storage type buffer), and balance the weight of the car, the car is no longer rising, and the motor is still rotating, causing the traction rope in the traction wheel groove skid, damaged equipment. Otherwise, we must increase the daily maintenance workload, repeatedly adjust the traction rope to avoid equipment damage. To this end, we recommend that: in the installation phase, on the basis of the installation of $number adjustment pads, the value of S2 should be as high as possible. And the installation of the limit switch position, for energy-dissipation type buffer, should not be less than 150mm, for the storage-type buffer should not be less than 200mm. This also complies with GB 7588-1995, article 10.5.1 "Elevators shall be provided with limit switches and shall be provided in a position where the action is as close as possible to the end of the terminal."Goods Elevator

              The upper and lower limit action test is one of 15 important inspection items in GB 10060-93, which is a veto-proof project which directly affects the safety of passengers and equipment. The method of field test should be based on maintenance speed, point trend and downward operation, the limit switch should be reliable, and the check and buffer installation match. When the installation position of the limit switch is affected by the installation of the rail joint or the guideway frame, it should also try to meet the specification requirement completely.Goods Elevator