Passenger Elevator System

    Passenger lifts: designed for the delivery of passengers of the elevator, requiring a sound safety facilities and a certain car interior decoration.

    A motor-powered vertical lift with a box-like pod for a multi-storey building. Serving the floor of the fixed lifting equipment. It has a car, running between at least two vertical columns of rigid rails. Car size and structure to facilitate the passengers access or loading and unloading of goods. It is customary to use the elevator as a general term for vertical traffic in a building, regardless of the way it is driven.

    The main function of the traction system is to output and transmit the power to make the elevator run. The traction system is mainly composed of traction machine, traction wire rope, guide wheel and reverse sheave.

    The main function of the steering system is to limit the degree of freedom of movement of the car and the counterweight, so that the car and the counterweight can only be moved up and down along the guide rail. The guide system consists mainly of rails, guide shoes and rails. The car is the elevator component that carries passengers and cargo, and is the working part of the elevator. The car consists of a car frame and a car body.Passenger Elevator

    The main function of the door system is to seal the entrance and car entrance. Door system consists of car doors, floor doors, door opener, door lock device. Weight balance system: the main function of the system is relatively balanced car weight, in the elevator work can make the car and the weight difference between the weight to keep within the limit to ensure that the elevator traction drive normal. The system consists mainly of counterweight and weight compensation devices.Passenger Elevator

    The function of the electric drive system is to provide power to implement elevator speed control. Electric drive system consists of traction motor, power supply system, speed feedback device, motor speed control device and so on. The main function of the electrical control system is to operate and control the operation of the elevator. The electrical control system is mainly composed of the control device, the position display device, the control panel (cabinet), the flat layer device, the selection device and so on.Passenger Elevator