Passenger Elevator Ride Notices

     Take the elevator personnel to "less". Experts from the Special Branch of the Urban Quality Supervision Bureau remind the public that for those who take the elevator civilized safety by ladder is to avoid danger and failure of the main means, in the elevator use frequency and intensity are very high units, such as hospitals and high-rise housing, every day a lot of people need to take the elevator, elevator compartment of the staff and excessive concentration, when the elevator has shown "full" (overloading), there are often individual personnel hard to squeeze in, this will affect the normal operation of the elevator, if this situation will inevitably occur in the long run accident. Therefore, the public should restrain themselves by riding on the number of elevators, and as far as possible than the limit, to ensure safety.Passenger Elevator

     Wait" before the elevator opens. High-rise building elevators, often open the door to a longer period of time, some anxious passengers will use their hands to shoot the door. Experts explained that artificially forcibly pull, hit the elevator door, will cause the elevator safety contact plate damage or axial loosening, this situation is very easy to cause damage to the contactor, causing a dangerous accident occurred. Therefore, must patiently wait for the elevator door to open itself, should not act recklessly, lest affect own safety.Passenger Elevator

     At the same time, regardless of the elevator in any one of the reasons for the failure of the ladder, the citizens of the ride do not panic, and then make a smashing door and other irrational behavior, experts explain that this is the elevator safety chain in effect, at this time the elevator is safe. At this time, passengers should be through the alarm, external telephone and other channels to contact with the external maintenance personnel, request assistance, any of their own door or grilled security window and other rescue means will lead to dangerous accidents. In the elevator, to as fast as possible out, into the elevator car, do not stay in the ground, to prevent the elevator in danger of causing personal casualties.Passenger Elevator

    The most fundamental source of elevator safety is the elevator supervisor, such as the building manager. As the competent department of elevator, the elevator should be inspected regularly to eliminate hidden trouble and strengthen safety management of elevators. And for elevator practitioners, the maintenance of the elevator in accordance with the regulations on a regular basis, once the problem of timely exclusion and do a good job in the relevant records, maintenance units should be every half a month to overhaul the elevator, to prevent. Conditional units should also use a variety of means to the elevator users to promote safety by elevator knowledge, as far as possible to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents.Passenger Elevator