Passenger Elevator Precautions

      The elevator in each service layer station has the layer door, the car movement direction indicator, the mathematics display car, the running position finger layer device and the Summon elevator button. When the elevator call button is used, go upstairs and press the direction button and push the direction button downstairs. When the car arrives, the direction of the floor indicates the direction of the car, the passengers judge to direction and determine the normal elevator into the car, pay attention to the closure of the door, do not in the doorway with the car door docking place stay.Passenger Elevator

      The car has a position display, a control Panel and a button to open the door and floor layer of the election layer. After entering the car, lift the button to the floor of the election layer. To close the car door immediately, you can lift the closing button. The car floor position indicator indicating the arrival floor and waiting for the car door open can be left. The elevator rated load of 13 people, can not overload operation, personnel overload when please voluntarily quit.Passenger Elevator

      Passenger lifts are not always used as cargo elevators and are not allowed to ship flammable and explosive products. When the elevator occurs abnormal phenomenon or failure, should remain calm, can call the car inside the rescue phone, must not pry door, attempt to escape the car. Passengers are not allowed to rely on the car door, not smoking in the car and littering, to keep the car clean and hygienic. Passengers should cherish the elevator facilities, do not randomly press the button and disorderly pry door.Passenger Elevator

     Drivers should strictly perform the duties of the post, the elevator operation should not be away from the post, found fault timely processing and reporting. Do not allow the driver to repair, emergency stop button as normal exercise before the cancellation of the call signal; It is not allowed to use the maintenance speed in the floor, car door open case, not allowed to open the car roof trapdoor, safety door, do not allow the maintenance speed to the shipment of super long objects exercise; It is used as the starting or stopping function of the elevator;Passenger Elevator

     Drivers should always check the operation of the elevator, regular contact elevator repair and maintenance, do a good maintenance record. When the elevator is stopped, the driver should stop at the base station and disconnect all the switches on the operating disc and close the door. If the notice of power failure, in advance to do the elevator stop work.Passenger Elevator