Panoramic Elevator Operation Test

               Non-standard elevator classification fine, safe and reliable. The ladder can be used according to the different occasions, corresponding to the different design, "tailor-made" to the different types of elevator functions to maximize. The movement is sensitive, the stop layer is accurate, the operation is stable and so on non-standard elevator common characteristic. Features: 1. The explosion-proof elevator drive system uses the alternating speed conversion system to be equipped with the special explosion-proof motor, the operation is smooth and comfortable, accurate. 2. Anti-corrosive elevator has the characteristics of acid and alkali-proof, can be used according to different corrosion grade requirements of different anti-corrosion materials. 3.360 degrees panoramic elevator modeling beautiful, comfortable ride, the whole of the perfect scenery. 4. Right-angled door elevator is suitable for all kinds of special venues, special environment use.Panoramic Elevator

               gb10060-93 4th. Article 6.7 stipulates the operation test of elevators, stipulating that: the car compartments are no-load, 50% rated load and rated load three kinds of operating conditions, and in the power continuity rate of 40% cases, to reach the full range of travel, according to 120 times/h, not less than 8h per day, each starting, braking operation 1 000 times, the elevator should run smoothly, reliable, continuous operation without fault. However, the following problems are often found in the field quality audit and verification data.Panoramic Elevator

               The elevator operation test should be carried out under 3 kinds of working conditions respectively. The no-load running test and full load running test are the 2 kinds of important conditions under the standard. is to assess the car and the weight in these 2 conditions of the balance, the elevator brake can be *, the elevator level of accuracy and other performance. On-site discovery often ignores the requirements of no-load and full load conditions, or 20%, 80% of the rated load replacement, or no consideration of working conditions, this is not in line with the requirements.

                The standard stipulates 120 times/h, every day not less than 8h, each starting, braking 1 000 times, according to such starting, braking frequency, this test generally should be completed within 3 days. However, from the installation of the enterprise's self-test data, we found that the test lasted 4 days, 5 days, or even longer, but the number of runs did not increase. This greatly reduces the severity of the test, but also does not reach the purpose of evaluating the continuous operation of elevators.Panoramic Elevator

                "Continuous running without fault" means that no failure can occur during 3,000 consecutive runs. If a failure occurs in the test, the test should be performed after the fault is eliminated, that is, starting from the zero-based count and failing to troubleshoot the original test. The elevator operation test is carried out under the specified test conditions, with specific test purposes, belonging to one of the 15 important inspection items in GB 10060-93. No matter how many times the elevator is in the process of commissioning and prior to acceptance, no substitute for this test.Panoramic Elevator