Panoramic Elevator

              High-integrated intelligent control system: high integration of 32-bit dual-CPU, master-slave CPU monitor each other, to a greater extent improve the data processing speed, function more perfect, higher reliability. High-precision car displacement detection technology, can achieve almost 0 to 0 flat-layer accuracy, so that passengers in and out of the car tunnels. Embedded expert self-diagnosis system, automatically diagnose the cause of malfunction, store and display the cause of malfunction. Functional expansion easy.Panoramic Elevator

              Remote monitoring function: Through the wired or wireless communication module, in the Remote Monitoring center of the elevator operation status and elevator passenger situation in real-time monitoring, so that the failure before the exclusion, to ensure passenger safety.

              Digital Frequency Conversion Technology: Advanced vector Change technology, according to human comfort requirements in real-time speed adjustment. High-speed digital signal processing system, the speed control of the traction machine is more sensitive and accurate, the elevator vibration to the limit. The latest low noise control technology, greatly reducing the elevator noise, so that the elevator operation quiet and smooth. According to the actual load of the car, the upper and lower speed, through the current size and phase adjustment, real-time accurate control of the host torque, to ensure the smooth running state of the elevator.Panoramic Elevator

              The whole computer intelligent control system, realizes the microcomputer, the modularization, the networked control, enhances the data processing speed greatly; The High intelligent computer module set up in the system is the most safe, accurate and efficient management control for computer operation. Passengers only need to select the target floor on the keyboard or touch screen before entering the elevator, and the system will arrange a suitable elevator for the passengers to reach the appointed floor. A, the end of the traditional elevator-level standstill of the drawbacks of B, to create a more orderly lobby ladder environment. C, effectively improve the commuting time elevator congestion phenomenon.Panoramic Elevator

              According to the different purposes of the elevator is optimized distribution, even at the peak of the work, the number of passengers is relatively reduced (compared with the previous generation of systems), can allow passengers to take a leisurely ladder. Multiple elevators have been assigned different target layers, reducing the number of stops and providing faster service to passengers.Panoramic Elevator