Operating Procedures For Human-goods Elevators

            1. The key inspection items before the operation should meet the following requirements: 1 No deformation of the structure, no loosening of the connecting bolts; 2 The rack and pinion, guide wheel and guide rail are all joined normal; 3. The wire ropes of each part are well fixed, without abnormal wear;

            2. Before starting, should check and confirm cable, grounding line intact, control switch in 0 bits. After the power is connected, should check and confirm the voltage is normal, should test no leakage phenomenon. Should test and confirm each limit device, ladder cage, enclosure door, such as electrical interlocking device is good and reliable, electrical instrumentation sensitive and effective. After starting, the no-load lifting test should be carried out to determine the efficiency of the brake of each transmission mechanism, and after confirming normal, the operation can be started.

            3. When the lift is in the first load of each class, the reliability of the test brake should be stopped when the ladder cage rises from the ground meters. When the braking effect is found to be poor, it should be adjusted or repaired before it can run.

            4. When a person or carrier is taken in a ladder cage, the load should be evenly distributed and not biased. Overloading operation is strictly prohibited.

            5. The operator shall operate according to the command signal. The work should be signaled before the operation. The operator shall not leave the operation Post before the lift is cut off from the total power switch.Goods Elevator

            6. When the elevator operation found abnormal conditions, should immediately stop and take effective measures to reduce the ladder cage to the bottom, to remove the fault can continue to operate. When the electric control is found in operation, the emergency stop button should be pressed immediately;

             7. Elevator in heavy rain, fog, six and above the gale, as well as rail racks, cables and other frozen, must stop operation, and the ladder cage to the bottom, cut off power. After the storm, the safety device of the lift should be inspected and confirmed after normal operation.

            8. When the elevator is running to the upper or lower level, it is forbidden to use the stroke limit switch as the control switch to stop operation.

            9. When the elevator in operation due to power failure or other reasons to stop halfway, can be manually dropped, the motor tail end of the brake electromagnet manual release handle slowly pull out, so that the ladder cage slowly downward glide. When the ladder cage declines, must not exceed the rated operating speed, the manual descent has to be operated by the professional maintenance personnel.Goods Elevator

           10. After the operation, the ladder cage should be lowered to the bottom, each control switch dial to 0, cut off the power supply, lock the switch box, locking the ladder cage door and enclosure door.Goods Elevator