Internal Configuration Instructions For Goods Elevator

Configure the driver's elevator, the driver of the elevator shall have the special staff to testify in safety, (hereinafter referred to as the driver); Do not configure the driver's elevator, the use of units must be clear equipment safety management personnel, and after training, (hereinafter referred to as managers), drivers or managers in the elevator before the exercise of inspection and preparation In the base station (generally bottom) with a special key to open the layer door, confirm the car in the floor, the party can enter the car, open the car lighting, and then set up the working status of the elevator (there are drivers or no drivers), check whether the car is clean, floor door ﹑ car door of the trough has debris, light, fan control box, Decorative ceiling and other devices are intact, all switches are in the normal position.Goods Elevator

The carrying capacity of the car shall not exceed the rated load, and the passenger shall not exceed the rated carrying capacity. Passenger elevators are not permitted often as cargo elevators used. In the absence of preventive measures, the car is not loaded with inflammable and explosive dangerous goods. Not allowed to open the car roof safety window to ship more than the height of the car's long objects. No other objects shall be placed on the top of the car except the inherent equipment of the elevator. The elevator is not allowed to change direction abruptly during operation. When necessary, the car should be close to the nearest stop to change direction.Goods Elevator

When the following failure occurs in the elevator use, the driver or management personnel shall immediately deactivate, notify the maintenance personnel, after the overhaul can be used. The elevator runs under the normal drop piece, when the safety clamp occurs. Contact any metal part of the elevator, when there is an electrical imagination. When the electrical component is found to be emitting a burning odor due to heat. Drivers or managers should take the following measures in the event of an emergency. When the elevator is out of control, speeding down and the safety clamp has not yet been operated, drivers should remain calm, immediately turn off the power switch and press the alarm bell, and seriously inform the passengers to cut out the car, take self-protection measures, both hands to hold the wall, tiptoe on tiptoe, legs micro-curved, mouth micro-Zhang, in case of impact damage.Goods Elevator