Installation Considerations For Villa Lift

    As a result of national land control, villas are not like a single space in the past, occupying a large space, but more and more high, there is a basement layer or two floors, three floors on the ground. Like the five-storey building and so on, if there is elderly in the home, climbing the building or more laborious, will generally install a five-storey domestic elevator, to facilitate their own and the family and downstairs. But how to install a five-storey home elevator?Villa Lift

    In fact, the installation of domestic elevators is more troublesome is the elevator shaft, elevator shaft directly related to the installation of the entire elevator. If the villa at the beginning of the design to consider the installation of the Villa elevator, then can be reserved in advance well road. The size of the reserved well path is best calculated and measured accurately to ensure the accuracy of the reserved caliper size, making it easy to install the elevator in the future.Villa Lift

     It is necessary to explain here that the factory gives the villa elevator shaft size is generally the standard size. If the elevator door direction is different, then the size is not the same. So in order to set the size of the shaft and the manufacturers to communicate well, so as to avoid future rectification, increase unnecessary costs. In addition to this kind of no-well road villa Elevator also has that kind of own with the well Road Villa elevator. For this kind of self with the well way Villa elevator product, the owner only needs to set aside enough space to install can, need not civil, install conveniently. Generally, this villa elevator and staircase combination, reasonable use of family space.Villa Lift

    Elevator door Way: The structure of the hand door is similar to our home commonly used doors, but more than the door lock linkage device and more heavy, at the same time the hand door without car doors protection design, there is an objective security hidden trouble;Villa Lift

    The automatic door is similar to the public passenger elevator, has the sedan door and the hall door double protection, the difference is, the villa elevator of more than 95% chooses the side open type automatic door. It is because the side open automatic door can save the construction area and make the best use of the width of the well path, and also can facilitate the use of the disabled and the elderly, fully embody its benefits.Villa Lift