Government Guidance Prices Charged At The Enterprise Level

At present, Elevator maintenance market, government departments and is not a price guide, only some internal self-discipline and initiatives of the Association. Because of market competition, this initiative does not legally binding, it is difficult to implement. Therefore, they called for regulations and Government guidance prices, lift installation and maintenance companies as well as property companies, charged at the enterprise level. While strengthening the supervision of elevator maintenance and checks, and avoid vicious competition and safety hazards.

Reporters from the price control Department was informed that at present, the city for elevator maintenance price is not regulated. Elevator maintenance is a kind of market behavior, choose what level of the enterprises which maintain or corporate, should be fixed by the owner and the property yourself.

In response to the occasional situation, the public should pay attention to the following situations:

Note that elevators have floor when the elevator door opened and stopped a second look before you enter the elevator or walk out of the elevator. Generally speaking so fast without the elevator closed, if you feel time, push the elevator button, the door will open.

In and out of elevators, don't fight, don't be distracted if only cell phones or reading, not focused, at the time of an incident, will not be able to respond in a timely manner.

At the time of taking the elevator, encounter layer, the car door is closed, not to catch the elevator or worry about delays in and out of the car, hands, feet, and body directly prevent the closing movement, once the elevator doors system failures will result in serious consequences.