Goods Elevator Tell You Now The Elevator Industry Development Of The Predicament

     Why is elevator insurance slow? Coverage is not fully covered. At present, the elevator liability insurance generally exists the problem that the scope of the guarantee is not complete, first, the present elevator liability insurance only provides the third party liability insured to the elevator passengers, and 1/3 of the accident is in the elevator installation, renovation, maintenance process, but can not be guaranteed; The second is the current elevator liability insurance commonly used "who insurance, who benefit" model, if because of the applicant outside the unit or personal responsibility caused by the accident loss, can not be guaranteed The third is the current elevator liability insurance only to ensure that the elevator put into use after the accident, and not including the elevator manufacturing units of product quality responsibility and project construction unit in the process of responsibility for accidents. As these responsibilities cannot be covered by insurance coverage, the victim will not be compensated after an accident, or the victim may be unable to obtain compensation and medical treatment in time for the loss of responsibility, increasing social contradictions.Goods Elevator
     The insurance service is misplaced. There is a clear gap between the position of insurance service product and the actual demand, which is the prominent problem that hinders the elevator liability insurance. First of all, the current market elevator liability insurance products located in the accident after the loss of compensation, and in fact, the national elevator accident rate is very low, the loss of compensation is much lower than the amount paid. Can be roughly accounted for: by the end of 2015, the national elevator total of about 4.26 million units, if all included in the insurance, according to the national average level of 100 yuan/Taiwan collection of premiums, the scale of the premium is about 426 million yuan, the same year the elevator accident in the country 48, the death of 41 people, according to the per capita compensation of 1 million yuan standard calculation, pay less than 50 million yuan, the rate of Beijing elevator accident rate is lower than the national average level, especially in recent years, the municipal government attaches great importance to the quality supervision departments to increase work and supervision, has been for many years to maintain the elevator 0 accidents. This kind of insurance and actual demand obviously dislocation, so that most units would prefer to take the lucky mentality, also do not want to insure.Goods Elevator
    Secondly, the function of liability insurance is not only the ex post compensation, but also the risk prevention and risk control in advance. At present, the elevator safety management is facing the old elevator renovation and transformation of insufficient funds, maintenance quality is difficult to control, emergency rescue is not in place, the lack of supervision resources and other prominent problems, but the current market lift liability insurance products generally do not provide service solutions in this respect.Goods Elevator