Goods Elevator Noise Precautions

            1. As the elevator is a special equipment, the implementation of quality management, relatively high requirements. Qualified construction of the elevator companies do not understand noise control, and understand the noise control of environmental protection companies do not have elevator installation qualification. This requires the elevator company to provide technical cooperation to complete the governance task.Goods Elevator

            2. Environmental protection companies have insufficient experience in governance. Many companies do not understand the elevator noise generation and transmission mechanism, the use of air sound treatment method to control solid noise. Even if some environmental protection companies are aware of solid sound transmission, but the theory of vibration reduction and solid sound treatment is not much, often do not reach the effect.Goods Elevator

            3. The lag of standards and regulations, because elevator noise is a new environmental issue that people pay attention to in recent years, regulations and calibration lag (now has low frequency noise standard, this problem has been solved). Often produces noise to reach the national standard, while the complaint is constantly in the situation. February 6, 2007, the State Environmental Protection Administration issued a "question on the application of environmental protection standards in residential buildings," the reference to the implementation of gb12348-90 "Industrial enterprise Noise Calibration" and gb/t12349-90 "Industrial Enterprise Noise Measurement Method", but did not solve the problem. From the actual situation, the elevator noise above 35dB, most people can not accept. The noise in the 30db--35db also has a considerable proportion of people can not accept.Goods Elevator