Express Elevator On Accurate Business Development Mode

With the real estate market gradually shrunk in size, had a continued impact on downstream business development. Elevator manufacturers, for example, facing the market shrank, excess capacity situation, market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. As part of Otis China brand strategy development, Sigma elevator and fast elevators throughout the year to achieve a "win" business grew steadily on the buck. In this regard, said Mr Qin Xue, President of Sigma/quick lift, "next, we will focus on the development of their business. Comb through a sales and service network, integrating product, maximum to meet market demand and achieve increasing market share, enhance the competitiveness of the dual development goals. "

"The homogenization of competition" is one of the current challenges facing most elevator companies. In 2015, the express elevator accurately grasp market trends, unified upgrades across all product lines, new generation ultra quiet room Hypex7200, so as to better improve the ride experience; escalator products into all commercial Otis global product planning and manufacturing system, ensure the quality and standards of global harmonization. Upgraded product line will fully support the express elevator, high-end residential and commercial complex areas such as Plaza development.

Otis Elevator, President of China Zheng Peiming said, "our top priority is the development of continuously improving product technology and development levels, continue to meet market demand. Otis China will express strong support, homogenization of helping brands market to gain competitive advantage. “