Express Elevator Debut International Elevator Exhibition

Recently, the express elevator owned by Otis Elevator Company Limited (hereinafter: Express elevator) brought new Homex5100 at 2016 China International elevator exhibition. As the Otis family focused on residential elevator lift brand in the field, the express elevator to show visitors not only a new domestic passenger elevator Homex 5100 's new decoration and adaptation capabilities, also express a wealth of history, diversification of product lines and services to more customers become familiar with it. That morning, in Otis launches an important link in the Qin Xue, President of express officially announced to the market introduction of a full size, full load new Homex5100 passenger elevators, start a quick elevator upgrade path for new product lines.

New Homex5100 are quick lifts China's housing market-specific high-performance elevator products, its optimal configuration and user-friendly design make products of high efficiency not only safety and riding comfort is better integration, and product design also takes into account the currently diverse architectural demand, generate more possibilities for architectural design and space to improve.