Environmental Friendly Passenger Elevator

                An environmentally friendly passenger elevator includes an elevator body and a control panel, wherein the top part of the elevator body is fitted with a roof, the top plate is arranged with a lighting lamp and an exhaust fan, and the left and right sides of the elevator body are equipped with a dynamic image board and an activated carbon ventilation device, wherein the inner plate is fitted with a pressure sensing device, wherein the control panel is nested on the right side of the front surface of the elevator body.Passenger Elevator

                The utility model can save the waste of electric power by changing the traditional button light of the elevator into a passenger stepping into the elevator and then automatically lighting up. Two of the elevators are installed with dynamic image board, according to the situation to change a variety of dynamic landscape, so that passengers feel more comfortable; on both sides of the elevator installed activated carbon ventilation device, so that both can ensure the internal flow of gas inside the elevator, but also to eliminate the unpleasant smell inside the elevator.Passenger Elevator

                Environmental friendly passenger elevator, belongs to elevator technical field. Environment-friendly passenger elevator, the environment-friendly passenger elevator includes a ventilation hole arranged on the roof and the outside of the car bottom, the flow part is arranged in the middle of the car roof and the bottom of the car, and the ventilation hole array is arranged on the outside of the car roof and the bottom of the car, and the flow part is not closed and is provided with the ability to make the airflow pass through the pores. The environment-friendly passenger elevator is arranged in accordance with fluid mechanics, and can disperse airflow so that it distributes evenly and completes the ventilation in the absence of the passengers ' basic perception.Passenger Elevator