Elevator Remote Monitoring Force Maintenance To Improve The Quality Of

In the elevator installation of remote monitoring equipment can not only monitor, find the hidden trouble of equipment, maintenance, and remote monitoring equipment, data analysis, you can also master the maintenance service quality, thus forcing their good service.

At present, the main elevator maintenance done by third party maintenance company, manufacturers of less involved, once the elevator failure occurs, who is responsible for is difficult to define. Remote monitoring and control systems, can gather real-time data, data analysis, and make it easier for users and regulators a detailed understanding of the situation of each lift. What brand lift prone to failure, and will be provided with detailed information such as which part is damaged, forcing wind turbine and component manufacturing enterprises to improve product quality.

In fact, in elevator accident that has occurred, mostly caused by maintenance work are not in place, data analysis via remote monitoring devices, easy to understand which maintenance elevator maintenance company failed, which forced them to improve the quality and timeliness of the service maintenance, further improve the operational and management levels.

It is understood that, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places in the remote elevator monitor system construction has made a great achievement, social correlation data are published in a timely manner through the media, manufacturers and maintenance companies to good supervisory role. These data, for users in the selected brand lift and maintenance business to provide value for reference.