Elevator Project Get Together Most Security Attention

Elevator industry "gold and nine silver ten" this statement, this could mottoes from the Government procurement market. Entered in September, Jiangsu, Anhui, Zhejiang and Chongqing released elevator project tenders, which tens of millions of Yuan.

From the requirements of these big projects and bidding qualification of suppliers and technology become the focus of assessment. Among them, the most purchases in the Elevator Safety attention.

Judging from these upcoming opening of elevator project, bidder eligibility requirements are relatively high. For example, Cao Chong, yaohai district of Hefei city community lifts, requiring bidders to the elevator producers and registered capital of no less than 100 million Yuan; with passenger making a-level qualifications as well as installation, maintenance, reforming a-level qualifications; cast since nearly five years brands have been installed and have passed the quality supervision Department safety inspection of the elevator performance, single contract amount is not less than 10 million Yuan.

Under the influence of elevator accidents are frequent in recent years, government procurement also increased the emphasis on Elevator Safety, security-related provisions of the tender documents requires increased considerably. Tender documents and even made it clear that, in the past three years, brand lift of major security incidents shall not take part in the tender.