Elevator Parts And Discard Criteria Being Developed In The

In the regular press in the third quarter of Shanghai quality and technical supervision Bureau has introduced two important information: elevator main parts and scrap local standards are being developed in the city; in a recent "glass rain" before, the city had a production enterprises were ordered to stop production of the glass.

On "elevator looking for trouble" – local standards are being developed for next year or the implementation

Elevator Safety have long been subjected to public attention, quality supervision departments introduced yesterday, Shanghai elevator main part where scrap standards are being developed, to control the elevator life. Authorities have come up with draft, ready for review in the second half, hopefully next year.

Quality supervision Department, said the end of July, quality supervision departments to establish diplomatic ties with the city, transportation, port authority, shentong Metro (600834) coordination group and other units by Shanghai Otis Elevator company, and by the Group of experts to assess the corrective actions have been implemented. At present, in the Metro unit and elevator company under the supervision of field duty, and 22 escalators are a temporary recovery. After publication of the Beijing Subway escalator accident, quality supervision departments will take the next step.