Elevator New Demand In The Future Will Remain Relatively Stable Growth

With the development of China's economy, lift new demand in the future is expected to maintain a relatively stable growth, from the perspective of demand can be divided into: affordable housing and real estate; public facilities in the process of construction of new town; update needs and retrofitting older buildings with elevators; export growth.

Champ Advisory industry analysts pointed out that, in recent years, along with the subway, railway stations, airports and terminals, rapid development of public transportation facilities, elevators, escalators, moving walkways (called lift) special equipment such as a large number of services in the public transport field, becoming an integral part of people's daily equipment. Meanwhile, along with the rapid economic development and the deepening of the process of urbanization, China's elevator industry is also going through a period of rapid development.

Lift production from 1990 of 10,300 units by 2013 more than 630,000 units, compound annual growth rate of nearly 20%, domestic demand for elevators from 2000 only 37,200 in 2013 to 650,000 units, by the end of 2013, lift amount to 3.0045 million units in China, has become a veritable marketing and retention of the first nation.

Elevator Safety not only product quality-related, and associated with the installation and maintenance is also very large, 1/3 of elevators and escalators in the world has served over 20, and elevator escalator technology developed for nearly 10 years, some of the new features could not do before finally be realized in the near future, renovation and transformation of modern technology enables fast upgrades.