Elevator Etiquette For Passenger Elevator

        1, guide the guests to take the elevator, the reception staff should first enter the elevator, and other guests to enter after closing the elevator door, when the arrival by the reception staff to open the elevator door, let guests out of the elevator door first.

        2. Be polite when using stairs and escalators. If it is difficult to climb stairs with your peers, maybe use an elevator or escalator as much as possible because of a bad heart, difficulty breathing, or a plaster on one leg.

        3, the use of stairs and escalators, whether upstairs or downstairs, the owner should walk in front. Likewise, this allows the host to greet and guide the guests when they arrive at their destination. Male and female colleagues in the use of staircases and escalators should be in the order of arrival, in fact, sometimes walking shoulder to side is also possible. Don't get too close to the people in front of you.

        4, if the escalator is wider, should be on the right side of the station, so that anxious people from the left to exceed. On the crowded staircase, follow the flow of people, whether upstairs or downstairs generally should go on the right. Of course, if the staircase has only one side armrest, and some people have to hold the handrail to ensure safety, then other people should obey his needs.Passenger Elevator

        5. It is dangerous and impolite to urge others on the staircase. Either slow down or surpass others, but don't force others to accelerate.

        6, the use of elevators in office space should also pay attention to some etiquette. When the elevator door opens, wait for someone else to get off the elevator. At this time, you can use the rubber bar on the side of the elevator door, do not let the door close, so that everyone has enough time on the elevator. Don't squeeze into the elevator. If you have a lot of people, you can wait for the next elevator.

        7, after entering the elevator, should give others let the place. The first person standing on both sides of the elevator door, the other people standing on both sides and back wall, the last person standing in the middle. People with disabilities should be allowed to stand nearest to the elevator door and hold the door when they lift up and down. When carrying guests into the office, should hold the elevator door to let guests first.Passenger Elevator

       8, under the elevator, according to your position, should be down first, and then hold the door for the guests, and indicate which direction to go. If you can't reach the key on the floor, you can ask someone to do it and thank him. Don't talk loudly about controversial issues or personal topics in the elevator.Passenger Elevator