Design Considerations For Passenger Elevators

                Security matters, the design always put the safety first, this is for every a customers, every a people who are likely to approach or access to equipment personnel's unshirkable lifelong responsibility. In the program should pay attention to the use of the corresponding interrupt processing and the corresponding electrical chain, in the hardware to take mechanical interlock, mechanical limit, electrical linkage, external sensors, safety relays and other measures and components to complete the safety design. Security is always throughout the design, if a device design is more sophisticated, but there are security risks, the designer is not guilty of the blame.Passenger Elevator

              Intelligent design, automation equipment design requirements have a corresponding intelligent design, when the equipment failure or uncoordinated movement, the device can automatically switch to the emergency working state, or the device can automatically adjust itself. Reduce the whole production line downtime accident due to equipment malfunction or movement disorder. The automation equipment that the intellectualization is too low or makes the auxiliary production line frequent downtime is equal to a heap of scrap iron.

                If the power of the lifting motor is larger, the operation frequency of the lifting motor may have some problems, so the design of the high power lift elevator should be considered by the frequency converter at low speed to complete the maintenance operation, which requires the quality and quality of the inverter must be high. At the same time inverter should pay attention to the selection of brake resistors, output reactors and other accessories.Passenger Elevator

                The frequency converter and the PLC installment position must have the certain distance space, prevents because of the frequency converter high frequency interference causes the PLC to move. Note the correct use of the shielding line. In strict accordance with national GB standards for electrical design and installation, in strict accordance with the Siemens product hardware manual design and installation.Passenger Elevator