Components Of Goods Elevator

     According to the elevator speed, traction ratio and the load of the elevator to determine the speed and power of the traction machine, when the power and voltage of the tractor is determined, the inverter selection and the tractor to match, generally select more than the traction power of the previous grade of data to choose. Can not be small or too big, too big not only to increase costs, but also lead to lower control accuracy. Degrade the performance of the entire system.Goods Elevator

     Maintenance and maintenance: The newly installed elevator first elevator factory quality guarantee period (general 1--2 years). The daily maintenance of the elevator should be carried out by the professional team (State administration of quality supervision). Maintenance should be carried out "special equipment Safety Supervision regulations" "elevator supervision and      Inspection Code" "Elevator Maintenance Rules" (GB18775) and the relevant national standards, line standard and local criteria. Maintenance should be scheduled, scheduled person on schedule, half a month warranty, monthly maintenance, and maintenance, all kinds of different content, but must be done, and must have a detailed record and the signature of both parties. If the elevator fails, the maintenance unit must arrive at the scene within the stipulated time (the specific time regulation is different, Beijing regulations are within 30 minutes to arrive).Goods Elevator

     The elevator consists of two parts, mechanical and electrical. If the elevator is not maintained daily, the safety of the elevator is not guaranteed, if the elevator needs refueling time and not refueling, will cause the elevator mechanical parts wear and damage, so that the elevator service life is greatly shortened, not normal use of elevators.Goods Elevator

     Elevator in the use process, some elevator users in order to reduce costs, save money, to find temporary workers or not qualified companies do elevator maintenance, once out of the security problem even the responsibility unit can not be found.      If the elevator manufacturers or qualified professional company to maintain, on the one hand, the maintenance of technology and quality assurance, another aspect once the problem has been responsible.Goods Elevator

     The elevator traction machine needs oil lubrication. There are two scales on the cover of the traction machine, open the nozzle to view oil should be in the middle of two, if the oil below the scale, it should be to the traction machine refueling, if not refueling, the elevator for a long time running will not get very good lubrication, resulting in the elevator traction machine and motor burn. The elevator operation time is long after should replace the oil in time, so that the traction machine always keep refreshing good lubrication.Goods Elevator