Application Of Inverter For Goods Elevator

             Cargo elevators are designed primarily for the carriage of goods, usually accompanied by elevators. The freight elevator car has long and narrow characteristics. A vertical lift powered by an electric motor is fitted with a box-shaped pod. Fixed lifting equipment for service on specified floors. It has a car that runs between the rigid rails with at least two columns perpendicular to it.Goods Elevator

            Elevator industry is a special industry, the state of the elevator design, manufacture, installation and use of a detailed national standards. The main part of the elevator is civil, mechanical and electrical components, mechanical part of the guide rail, car, to heavy, wire rope and other mechanical parts. Electrical part of the main control board, inverter, Traction machine and other components. Elevator operation in the main control Board of the Command control inverter, there are inverter-driven traction machine to drive the car. As the core part of the elevator system, the inverter is very important for the safe and reliable operation of the elevator. At the same time, the system has some special requirements for inverter. Many companies for elevator special requirements, launched a special elevator inverter to meet the special requirements of elevators. Siemens's versatile inverter uses an insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) as a power output device with modern advanced technology. With high reliability and versatility of function, the special pulse-width modulation technology which can be selected by pulsed frequency can make the traction machine run in low noise and the system is more stable. Comprehensive and perfect protection function for the system provides a reliable and good protection performance, high-performance vector control technology, a variety of control methods flexible selection, applicable to different fields. In the elevator control system, the closed-loop vector control is used. It has fast dynamic response characteristic and super overload capability. Many of the free function modules are made up of Bico (binary interconnected connections) to make a large number of resources available to users to complete complex control. It is MM440 powerful and flexible function can be competent for elevator control system requirements. The elevator system, which is composed of MM440 drive asynchronous traction machine, meets the requirements of the Gb7588 "elevator manufacture and Installation Specification" Gb t10058 "elevator technical condition".Goods Elevator

           According to the elevator speed, traction ratio and the load of the elevator to determine the speed and power of the traction machine, when the power and voltage of the tractor is determined, the inverter selection and the tractor to match, generally select more than the traction power of the previous grade of data to choose. Can not be small or too big, too big not only to increase costs, but also lead to lower control accuracy. Degrade the performance of the entire system.Goods Elevator