A Whole New Generation Of LCA Elevator Without Machine Room

The rapid development of China's real estate market in recent years, industry specialization gradually deepened, residential real estate, commercial real estate, pension real estate, tourism, real estate and other types of building products segment. With the emerging of China green building, high efficiency and energy saving, environmental protection, space-saving machine room less elevators has irreplaceable advantages, Hitachi's next-generation elevator room is in response to the development needs of the new development of Chinese architecture.

Hitachi new LCA elevator without machine room – drive series continues

"Hitachi Technology of" the pursuit of quality, power systems, control systems, safety components, energy engineering, energy-saving environmental protection, achieve all six innovative decorating styles. To meet the needs of modern architectural features and design, LCA elevator in addition to stretcher has a standard passenger elevator, ladders, ladder, double doors and many other models of tourist products, lifting speed and Max have been upgraded, all cover different needs of customers, as a new generation leader of elevator without machine room. Concern in modern architecture energy-saving environmental protection, LCA elevator carrying the energy regeneration technology and permanent magnet synchronous technology, LED lighting technology standby, smart management, variable speed control and other advanced technologies, access to energy efficiency certification standard a-level certificates, energy-efficient integrated solutions can help building the elevator access to green building certification. In addition, lift the safety and soundness of Hitachi elevator focus. In the Wenchuan earthquake, Hitachi elevator shock loss rate to 1.4%, well below the industry average of 9.82%. New LCA elevator addition with Hitachi's Omni-directional seismic protection design, uses Hitachi's original hosts free-standing installation, increase the efficiency for the passengers more comfortable, smooth ride.