Safety and courtesy about escalators

Many people use escalators when, in addition to the escalator driven outside, I will walk with two legs on the stairs in order to save time. Therefore, when using escalator, standing passengers should rely on the same side of the cascade, to give the other side of the steps, for use by people walking. However different areas as to whose side are supposed to have different cases. Such as Washington, London's underground railways, underground railways, Japan Kansai railway, the Taipei rapid transit system, asking passengers stood to the right stand but Japan Tokyo asked the passengers to stand on the left. Montreal Metro without any rules, because they believe that passengers should not walk on the ladder.

Rules on the right of the Hong Kong mass transit railway station. But during rush hours, too many people use the escalator, and in many cases both left and right sides of the escalator were full of people.

In mainland China, there are periods in some places, has also introduced the idea of left-right legislature and as propaganda. Due to consumer safety concerns, issued in July 2011, GB16899-2011 of the escalator and automatic footway manufacture and install security code specified in the "escalator machine, even in a non-running state, nor use it as a fixed staircase. "Therefore is not to promote.

Standing on one side, the other side passing through practical and theoretical calculations, shall not increase the transmission capacity of escalators, and has the potential to reduce transmission capacity and safety concerns. On the escalator, follow the local custom is OK.

In addition, using escalators should also note:

Holding on tightly

Don't stand level

Don't stick your heads or hands out of the staircase outside, otherwise you may hit the ceiling or the adjacent staircase

Do not run plays

Do not use escalators to carry cargo. Baby carriages, carts of goods such as elevators should be used.

Passengers using round, stick should try to use the lift

To take care of children and the elderly

Escalators have emergency brakes stop buttons for use in case of accidents.