Development history

Study on two Americans in the late 19th century the escalator. In 1897, jiesi·leinuo (Jesse w. Reno) in the United States New York's Coney Island amusement park was built up with a slant board walk, similar escalator ride. Chalisi·xiboge (Charles Seeberger) in 1898 and purchased a patent for invention on the escalator, and the Otis Elevator company, New York, in 1899 to create a first good step, handrails and comb plate of escalators. Held at the Paris Exposition of 1900, Seeburg successfully showcased their "escalator" (Escalator) in the name of the product, and received a first prize. 1910 xibaipo Otis acquired the patent, and the following year bought Renault's company. In 1920, the Otis design combines both today, the basic design of the escalator.

Escalators were first entered China in 1935. Installed two new department stores in Shanghai was Otis single escalator, connect the ground to the second floor, and the second to the third floor.