Elevator is normally closed a friction-type brakes, known as normally closed brake, brake when the machine's work, while the machine is running loose. Elevator brake, clockwork, brake and brake wheel friction producing braking torque; elevators run time, relying on the electromagnetic brake is loose, also known as the electromagnetic brake. According to the brake coil working current of the electromagnetic force, divided into alternating electromagnetic brake and direct current electromagnetic brake. DC electromagnetic brakes braking smooth, compact, reliable, elevator use direct current electromagnetic brake. Normally closed so that the brake is the full name of the DC electromagnetic brakes.

Brake is guarantee elevator security run of basic device, on elevator brake of requirements is: can produced enough of brake torque, and business power moment size should and tractor steering has nothing to do; brake Shi on drag introduction motor of axis and deceleration box of worm axis not should produced additional load; Dang brake pine gate or brake Shi, requirements smooth, and can meet frequently up, and brake of work requirements; brake due enough of rigid and strength; brake with high of wear sex and heat sex; structure simple, and compact, and easily adjustment ; Artificial loose equipment noise.